Welcome to FlubberStufferz

Specializing in flexible 3D printing, our main focus is RC tire inserts, but also provide a variety of Flubbery products!

Designed, Prototyped, Produced In House! Our material is even made in USA, only 3 hours away from us!

We have extensively engineered and prototyped tire inserts to the max. Our non continuous outer wall design keeps deformation at bay and uses it to our advantage! Where other designs bind and clump under the tire, we cleavery engineered ours to increase surface contact and place deformation behind the tire to give us Forward Propulsion Technology! Our Variable Support System is able to achieve added grip and superior side wall strength. Fully beveled barrel profiles give you plush corner conformity, but also adds support to the design. All of this combined, gives us our innovative tire inserts we call SlymeBallz.