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SR5 for SCX24 Gladiator Chassis

This scale body has been designed and prototyped for the SCX24 Gladiator Chassis. It comes with scale grill, clear headlight/side marker/taillight lens, dash and steering wheel. Also new to this design is a full interior! Including front seats, center counsel, shifter, cup holders, rear set and storage area all in one piece! Our Mag Mount Sliderz are included, you have 2 choices, 0° stock or 5.5° Spectr XL. Magnets are included 


You get to pick what base color the body is printed in. Interior color comes in Tan. Lens are printed in clear and can be painted orange and red on the inside. Grill comes black. 


 We always recommend sanding, high build primer, and paint. However we offer color choices for you, if you want to run a raw print, or have a choice of base print color for when it scratches through the paint ( silver print for raw metal scratches, orange or tan print for rusty scratches, or pick the same color your planning to paint for less visible scratches)   


Cab and bed are separate pieces. They are to be glued together using 5min epoxy or similar, same with parts ( CA glue, epoxy, plastic weld, super glue, E6000, exc.. ) 


Additional options including FlubberWellz, Bumpers, roll cage, bed options, coming soon!



*** These are made to order, approximately 4weeks out. We will ship once per week, and will let you know where you are on if you message us on Insta, Facebook or email.  Thank you for your support.

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